Bio Energy & Hidden Mind

Investigative & Corrective Sound Protocol

Bio-Energy & Hidden mind treatments are based on bringing the body into balance - Rose Dennigan Holistic Therapies, Westport, County Mayo, Ireland

Course of 4 Treatments 60min each €200
Hidden Mind 60min €60
Hidden Mind 90min €80

These treatments are based on bringing the body into balance. When our energy is balanced and evenly surrounds our physical body we are well. However, when our energy is disturbed and flowing in an irregular, distorted fashion, we begin to feel unwell.

When an illness or unwanted condition develops, it is essentially coming from an imbalance or blockage in our energy flow. Once the flow of energy is brought back into balance, the body, which naturally always strives to be well, automatically starts its own healing process. During a treatment my aim is to locate and release these energy blockages using a series of hand movements to scan the energy field of the body. This enables the life energy to flow freely and, through its own intelligence, unlock the healing ability within every cell of the body.

During the treatment feelings of heat, tingling, coolness or a pulling sensation can often be felt. These are simply the subjective aspects of the deep energy balancing and release that is taking place.

The Hidden Mind Investigative and Corrective Sound Protocol can be used in conjunction with bio energy or as a stand-alone treatment. It works by questioning the subconscious mind with statements through dowsing with a pendulum to find the hidden causes of diseases and symptoms.

The subconscious mind holds all of the information regarding every aspect of our being and can relay exact information regarding our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. By bringing the awareness to the conscious mind of the problem, it already begins to clear it, then the frequency from the sounds returns the body to balance and healing can take place.

The Bio Energy treatments are carried out over 4 days for 45 to 60 minutes each day.

Hidden Mind alone is carried out in one session with a follow up session after 6 weeks.

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